Need Chimney Repair Services?

Depend on our team in Starksboro, Bristol & Vergennes, VT

Chimneys are a frequently neglected item on people's homes. Masonry chimneys suffer the most extreme abuse out of nearly all exterior features on a home. Often damage to mortar or brickwork cannot be easily seen from the ground. When assessing a roof for replacement, we take into account the shape of the chimney in order that we do a comprehensive job when performing roof work. From repointing or redoing lead flashing to complete roofline up rebuilds, we can tackle chimney issues as a stand alone project or before a roof is replaced, thus eliminating staining or damage to a new roof system were chimney work to be performed after a roof is replaced.

Chimneys can be a very attractive feature on a home's exterior. When working on your chimney we carefully choose materials and exercise top quality workmanship in order to maximize the visual appeal of your chimney. If you need chimney repair services in Starksboro, Bristol or Vergennes, VT, G.Helms Construction, LLC has you covered

Taking care of your chimney

Any kind of chimney work is a daunting DIY project. If you choose us, we’ll take the time to make sure we approach your project the right way. We’ll:

  • Inspect your chimney to determine the best course of action
  • Rebuild your chimney if has a compromised structure
  • Repoint your chimney if a full rebuild isn’t necessary

We’ll always opt to save your existing chimney when possible, but we’ll do large chimney rebuilds if necessary. Contact us today for chimney repair services.

5 signs you need chimney repairs

When you consider home repairs in Starksboro, VT, your chimney likely isn't the first feature to come to mind. However, it's important to keep up with chimney repairs for optimal performance and home safety.

Here are the top five reasons that most chimneys fail:

  • There is no expansion joint between the crown and the flue
  • The mortar joints are damaged or deteriorated
  • The firebox or damper is covered with rust
  • Pieces of flue tile are piling up at the bottom of the chimney
  • The crown is cracked and leaking

You can count on the crew at G.Helms Construction to restore your chimney to top operating condition. Call us today to begin your chimney rebuild.