Slate is one of the best and most time tested roofing systems. Slate roofs can often last 200 years or more, whereas standing seam metal roofs are projected to last 50-70 years. However in order for slate roofs to last this long there are two major contributing factors, those being the type of fashings used, and regular maintenance. The stress from ice and snow loads in the northeast means that even the most professionally installed slate roofs will have the occasional broken or slipped slate. It is important to stay on top of replacing broken or missing slates in order that the roof does not fall into major disrepair. It is also important that the proper flashing and fasteners are used when performing work on slate roofs. This means using copper nails, copper or stainless slate hooks, and copper, zinc, stainless or lead flashings. At G Helms Construction our slate roofers take care to properly stage a slate roof in order that damage from being on the roof is minimized. We make sure to use traditional fasteners and flashings in order that our repairs are lifetime repairs. We are thorough and do not cut corners when performing slate repairs.

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Discover what materials we work with for slate roofing projects

Considering working with G.Helms Construction for your slate roofing installation project in Starksboro, VT? Below are the biggest details you need to know before you give us a call.

Here's the rundown on our slate roofing services:

  • Pricing varies for each project, so please give us a call for a consultation
  • Our basic package uses 24-gauge stainless steel flashing
  • Our premium package uses copper flashing
  • Both packages include copper nail slate hooks

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