Standing seam roofs are a popular option as they are considered a nearly maintenance free, lifetime roof for your home. They are also a very attractive roof system. When installing standing seam roofs we use traditional seaming techniques, thus minimizing or eliminating the need for exposed fasteners and excess sealant. Standing seam roofs often require siding and trim work/replacement when being installed as the metal is tucked behind siding and trim on dormers, sidewalls and headwalls. Our roofing teams are also experienced carpenters who produce top notch carpentry work on your home. From the necessary siding and trim work often associated with standing seam installations to full fascia replacement, we perform carpentry at a high level so that the appearance and functionality of your home is improved upon.

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Explore our standing seam roofing options

When it comes to standing seam roofs in Starksboro, VT, G.Helms Construction offers both basic ($1,110 per square) and premium ($1,200-1,350 per square) roofing options for you to choose from.

Regardless of which style you choose, here's what sets our standing seam roofs apart from others in the industry:

  • We use 24-gauge stainless steel for added weather protection
  • We double lock our seams to protect against snow and ice
  • We use carbine steel-coated screws that will stand the test of time
  • We can install a welded curb to match the color of your skylights

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